EU's retaliatory tariffs on US products come into effect

The EU has officially imposed tariffs on US jeans, motorbikes, bourbon and other items in response to a similar move from the US. The measures have some experts worried the world could be heading

toward a trade war.

European Union retaliatory tariffs on US goods came into force on Friday, in response to US tariffs on steel and aluminum.

The EU said it has no choice after failing to secure an exemption to US President Donald Trump's tariffs, but the response has raised fears of a global trade war.

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What the EU is targeting

The tariffs target $3.4 billion (€2.9 billion) worth of American imports including:

  • Steel products such as bars and rods, rolled steel, stainless steel, wire, tubes, chain, pipes and scaffolding, as well as kitchen appliances, ovens, ladders and washbasins.
  • Clothing and textiles such as jeans, men's leather shoes and bed linens.
  • Eye make-up and lipstick.
  • Motorbikes and mopeds "with reciprocating internal combustion piston engines" of 500 cc capacity as well as some boats, yachts, canoes and rowboats.
  • Food products including maize, rice, cranberries, cranberry juice, orange juice, sweetcorn and peanut butter.
  • Vice products such as bourbon, whiskey, cigarettes, cigars, cheroots (a type of thin cigar) and other types of tobacco.

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